These basic camping skills will make even the most hipsterish millennial feel a bit more manly and practical! You never know when you might need them. They’re useful for people who like exotic travel, outdoor parties and beach camping.

1. How to open a can using an army style can opener (also applies to using the can opener on a swiss army knife).

2. How to rig up a tarp.

3. How to start a fire in the rain.

how to start a fire in the rain

Infographic source:

4. How to make an alcohol stove out of a tin can.

5. How to tie a variety of knots.

This link will show you the knots and MOST importantly explain what each one is useful for. It keeps it simple and lists the most important 4-5 so you won’t get overwhelmed by a list of 20-30 knots.

bowline knot

photo credit: Rob! via photopin cc